Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A New Name.

If anyone out there is reading this blog, then you will have noticed the new name. The main reason, in short, is that I didn't want the focus to be on a vegan diet, but on choosing to eat more consciously. Yes, I still am choosing to not eat meat and dairy, but I don't want my diet to define me. The reason I started this blog is to document my journey in starting a new plant-based diet and to share with others the plant-based meals I discover and create along the way. My hope is that others out there will want to make changes - big or small - towards a healthier lifestyle. Even if you just want to eat more fruits and veggies each day or start cooking at home more often, I hope this blog can provide you with some easy recipes and motivation to be a conscientious eater. You're body with thank you for it!

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