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Vegetable Noodles

Fresh Mango Juice

Steamed Cornbread

Baked Potato with Chili Spices.

Buckwheat Tea

Hong Kong Jelly Dessert

The best noodles I've ever eaten. Thick and chewy and delicious.

Fresh Watermelon Juice

Vegetable Momos

A Korean style feast

Dragon Fruit

Dandan Noodles with Mushroom Sauce

Sticky Rice Ball Dessert

More Noodles!

Taking a cooking class

5-grain Springrolls 


The Baker House, Cashel

Dyne, Killarney

The Milk Market, Limerick

Olive Bread from the Milk Market

Pavlova for Easter Dessert


Fresh fruit 

A birthday breakfast of oatmeal with almonds and golden raisins paired with freshly brewed Guatemalan coffee and fruit.

What I like to call "spiky fruit" from the market. It's similar to a grape with a pit on the inside.

Guatemalan coffee and almond biscotti with a view.

Cinnamon tea in the morning.


Options at the market

Authentic Chinese cuisine


Grains in bulk at the market in Amsterdam.

The largest crepes I've ever seen or tried to eat in one sitting. I lost.


Ethiopian coffee with more milk than coffee. I quickly learned the words for coffee 
with a LITTLE milk.

Injera with vegetables and beef. Very chewy beef.

An Esprice: mango, pinapple, papaya, guava and avocado juice.


Picking Lychee fruit off the tree.

Not bad for one session of picking!

Jackfruit. Crazy looking but so delicious on the inside.


Naan, rice, and chicken curry.

Fresh fruit market.


Chicken and jollof rice. Much needed sustenance after two days of travel.

Fried termites that we saw the nationals catch in buckets the night before.

Eating the fried termites. Not bad actually. Just crunchy.

My favorite overseas treat...fresh mango.

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