[ Meet Faith ]

Hey there!

My name's Faith. I'm a married, 25-year old living with my husband in sunny Florida NYC! For the past four years of my life I had a job that allowed me to travel the world, but for at least this year my husband and I are settled down.

When I'm not walking around the city, running with my husband, or out with friends, you'll probably find me at home experimenting in the kitchen. I honestly used to hate cooking and growing up I would always tell my mom that I would rather clean, weed the garden or do the dishes rather than cook. Man, have things changed! When Brett and I got married and I actually had someone else to cook for, that's when I discovered my love for cooking.

When it comes to health I love challenging and pushing my body and I'm often thinking about what kind of physical event I want to train for next. Right now I have my heart set on a marathon. But when haven't I?

Right before I did my first Olympic triathlon in 2011!

My love of exercise has caused me to care more about how I fuel my body. I want to eat consciously, feeding my body fresh, nutritious ingredients so that I can have the energy to accomplish my goals. This desire has lead me to study more about nutrition and eventually make the switch to a vegan diet.

This blog is a place where I can document and share my experiences in the kitchen as I learn the basics of vegan cooking. I hope to see my cooking skills improve along the way and eventually be able to create my own recipes to share. You'll also find the occasional recap on races and training and how a plant-based diet affects my performance.

I'd love to get to know you and what you're passionate about, so don't be shy and introduce yourself!

Oh, and here are a couple of pics of me with my husband Brett! He's amazing and is willing to eat any vegan meal I cook him and has been supportive through my botched dinners. What a stud.


  1. Hey Faith! I relate to you so much on being unable to believe I'm vegan. It's been over a year for me yet it still feels like just yesterday that I scoffed at the idea.
    It is so cool that you've had the opportunity to travel so much! And I totally admire the fact that you decided to take charge of your health/ help others.

    1. Thanks for saying hi Quincy! Yeah, it's still crazy to me too sometimes, but it's been great so far!


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