Wednesday, June 4, 2014

WIAW: Living out of a suitcase.

Brett and I officially moved out of our apartment and into storage (by ourselves!!) last week. We're living out of suitcases and will be traveling until mid-July when we'll drive a U-haul up to New York City to move into our new apartment (which we don't have yet.) Gulp. 

The view from my run our first morning in West Palm.

Right now we are down in West Palm Beach Florida for work and on Monday we leave for 5 2 weeks in China! I might be just a little excited. I've got quite a few recipes scheduled to post while I'm gone, but I'm also hoping to share some authentic Chinese food with you all too! My plan is to take a cooking class at some point while I'm there. 

Since our lives have been crazy, eating at home hasn't happened much. When I have been able to prepare something it's usually simple or microwavable (like a sweet potato or oatmeal). Snack plates happen often too, which is fine by me! Here are some pictures of the recent meals/snacks I've been enjoying while living out of a suitcase. All the pictures are from my instagram. You can follow me at theconscientiouseater!

And in case you missed previous recipes I posted this past week, you can check them out here:

Lots of homemade Power Seed Crackers and hummus.

A sweet potato with peanut butter makes for a perfect, easy meal.

Raw Chili Chocolate Brownies with Fudge Glaze. 
I've been going through a whole batch slowly by myself.
So amazing.
Recipe coming soon!

Mellow Mushroom Veggie Vegan Pizza.
One pizza has given me three meals!

Lots of oatmeal with fruit and peanut butter.

Overnight Cookie Dough Oats.
I'm excited to eat more overnight oats once I'm settled in NYC.

Oatmeal with chia seeds, fried plantain wedges and peanut butter.
Strange but good!

when I can!

Homemade "Endurance Bars."
Almonds, dates, coconut, chocolate chips and almond butter.
So deliciously filling.

While I'm looking forward to being able to have a kitchen and cook more meals at home, I'm so thankful for the fact that I have food to eat...and delicious food at that!

Happy Wednesday. Check out Jenn's blog Peas and Crayons to get recipe ideas from other bloggers.

What are some easy meals you like to eat when unable to cook?

What are your go-to travel snacks?

Eat Consciously,



  1. I'm moving in the middle of June, and I can't get into the new house until August.. so I'll be in a similar situation to you! Except I'll be living with my grandma. I'm really excited to read more about China! And to get some of these recipes!!

    1. I'm glad you'll get to stay with family while you wait to move into your new place! That's so great. I'm excited to share more about the culture and food I experience and China too:) Hope packing goes well!


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