Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WIAW: Finally Home! (For two weeks at least)

It's so nice to be home! Brett and I have been traveling all month. We were in Virginia, New York, Cocoa Beach and West Virginia. We just got home late Sunday night and for the first time in a long while I get to look forward to two straight weeks at home. Yay! Here are some of my favorite pics from our travels:

This picture is actually the only one Brett and I took while in New York. It was cold, but we loved walking around everywhere!

We went straight to Cocoa, Beach after flying back from New York to spend a few day with Brett's parents. It was an amazing weekend and we did so many "floridian" things that I've yet to do.

We picked tangerines and oranges at an orange grove.

We went hiking at one of the state parks nearby. Tons of mosquitoes so we were booking it!

We even went night kayaking where we were able to see and hold glow in the dark jellies! No worries, they don't sting.

In cold, snowy West Virginia I got to catch up on family time for Thanksgiving. It was awesome to have 23 of my family members all crammed into one house! 
Us girls went on a lot of walks though to get rid of our cabin fever.

Peas and Crayons

Since we've been gone so much, I spent yesterday doing tons of "wively" duties. I went to the grocery store, unpacked and sorted laundry, cleaned the fridge and cooked/baked up a storm. I even went on an 8-mile run - my last "long" run before my half-marathon on Saturday. I had hurt my ankle right before we left for New York, so I didn't think I'd be able to race. But after two weeks of not running, it healed itself and I'm good to go!

Anyways, here are my eats from yesterday and some recipes to look forward to. Check out Jenn's blog to get inspiration from others!

A glass of lemon water. (This really is a good substitute for coffee!)
Oatmeal with flaxseed, hemp hearts and a dollop of peanut butter.
It's was a good, simple bowl of oatmeal with lots of energy for my run.

Morning Snacks:
Half of a banana right before my run. Did you know bananas split into three sections if you lightly squeeze the edges? I love doing that.

After my run I ate leftover Chickpea Cashew Curry and a tangerine (unpictured)
I'll post the recipe later this week!

Afternoon Snacks:
After grocery shopping, my stomach was growling so I ate this concoction before doing some baking.
A slice of ezekiel bread with hummus, zucchini, cucumber, tomato and nutritional yeast.

I also had quite a few licks of this Black Bean Brownie Batter.
I've always been skeptical of black bean brownies, but these turned out amazing! 
I'll post about them later as well.

  I realized I had forgotten some ingredients from the grocery store that I needed for dinner, so I ate a fuji apple before heading out the door again.

I've been trying to cook with a new vegetable each week and for last night's dinner I used leeks for the first time! It's been so fun branching out and realizing that so many veggies aren't as intimidating as I thought.
This Vegan Pot Pie was awesome! It had leeks, mushrooms, carrots, onion, potato and celery in it.
I ate 1/4 of it.

Evening Snacks:
After dinner I had to go to my night class. 
I brought one of my homemade black bean brownies to snack on and had a handful of pretzels too.

Right before bed both Brett and I got hungry so I had a mug of cereal. 
It had half of a banana, kashi mini wheats, granola and almond milk.
I'm weird in that I eat cereal out of a bowl when I have it for breakfast, but when I eat it at night I like it out of a mug. Sorry for the dark, blurry iPhone pic.

There you have it! All my eats on my wives day. It's so nice being home in sunny Florida and being able to experiment in the kitchen again.


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