Monday, March 17, 2014

Good Eatin' in Dallas!

The past ten days were a whirlwind! Brett and I left for Houston, Texas last Friday and got back home last night from North Carolina. We started in Houston for the first weekend and got to spend two days with Brett's family. We celebrated birthdays, anniversaries (ours is in 13 days!) and new jobs. We even fit in some strawberry picking at a nearby patch. It was so great to be with family.

Brett and his sister at the strawberry patch.

Sunday evening Brett and I made the short flight to Dallas for the week. We had some recruiting work to do there and also met with a bunch of Brett's friends from when he lived in Dallas for 6 years. Our schedule each day was seriously jam packed. Some days would start breakfast with friends at 7 A.M., coffee with someone else at 9 and then we'd recruit from 10-11. After that we'd rush to meet up with more friends for lunch and then often we'd try to fit in a quick gym session at LA Fitness before meeting up with more people for coffee and dinner. We were so wiped out by Friday!

Even though it was tiring to meet with so many people in between working, we loved it. And of course we got to eat some delicious food. Usually I don't like eating out that much, but this trip wasn't as bad as other trips we've been on. Most of the time we'd eat breakfast at our hotel and there were a few days that I would just get a big ol' salad from Whole Foods. 

But, I have to highlight some restaurants in Dallas. I think the best meal I ate all week was at Asian Mint. They have sushi, thai food and desserts. 

I got the green curry and I couldn't stop saying, "Mmmm!" This picture doesn't do it justice. It was so creamy and flavorful. You have to eat here if you ever make it to Dallas!

Another delicious meal we had was from The Juice Bar. Expensive as all get out, but delicious.

Brett and I had just finished up our workouts at the gym and had a little free time before we needed to be at the airport. We got these Acai Cups with vegan protein powder mixed in. They topped it with chopped up banana, blueberries and amazing granola. Delicious!

Eatzi's is another great spot. You can make your own sandwiches or salads, pick up some already made sushi, or choose from a wide variety of entrees and sides already made. I got some sushi while Brett got the pasta of the day, kale and white bean salad and roasted cauliflower. I love this place because everyone can get something different and there are tons of vegan and vegetarian options!

While the green curry was my favorite meal all week, this restaurant was my favorite. The Cosmic Cafe serves vegetarian Indian food and it's incredible. The restaurant itself is so eclectic and colorful. It's hard to miss!

I got the Buddhas Delight so that I could try a few different things. Everything was incredible and I left stuffed but content. It was spicy, but not over kill, and everything was bursting with flavor. They even offer non-dairy desserts a lot of the time. 

And of course a lot of Americanos with steamed soy were enjoyed throughout the week! This cup is from a newer place called the Ascencion Coffee House. It was a cool venue and had nice outdoor seating too.

Our trip ended with a bang in North Carolina. Friday afternoon we flew from Dallas to North Carolina for a friends wedding. Most of my family was there so during this trip we got to see both of our families! Amazing! The wedding was a blast. They did breakfast for dinner (why didn't I think of that) and for dessert everyone was able to go to the frozen yogurt shop downstairs. They had glow in the dark sticks for entertainment too. Brett tried to make Mickey Mouse ears and we even ended up making a hula hoop. It didn't work very well, but we tried.

Now were home for a whole month! I'm excited to get some rest and to cook and bake up a storm. I already have a pot of black beans cooking and some fresh whole wheat bread on the counter. Life is good!

Eat Consciously,


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